About Us

At MidasGold, our aim isn’t to sell you jewelry; our goal is to provide the most fashionable, iconic jewelry and bespoke gadgets tailored to you, while giving each customer a world-class buying experience. You represent our products, and we represent you. Because of this notion, we aim to foster relationships with our clients, via our social media accounts, through our customer support experience and through our products to give our loyal customers an experience that will be both cherished and remembered.

As such, it was always anchored in our DNA to uphold the highest quality of craftsmanship and genuine origin of the material we use in all our products.
After spending years as a watch trader and repairer, our founder was able to develop an extraordinary network with the elite and the famous, and maintained these relationships while establishing his bespoke label, MidasGold. We have some of the most exclusive craftsmanship in London

Based in London, MidasGold are experts at applying that luxurious Midas touch to some of the industries mobile devices and jewelry.

MidasGold have delivered products and customised devices for some of the biggest celebrities including reality stars, footballers, bloggers and Youtubers.